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If you have questions about the Neighbourhood Plan, please look through the Frequently Asked Questions first or check out some of the useful links you'll find on this site.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for you can submit a question using the form on the right or email

Questions about the plan

What is the plan?

The completed plan will be a document containing planning policies to guide development in Hertford Heath from 2017-2033. It will include proposals for development and policies that project and protect what residents feel are the most important things about their area. The policies in the plan must not conflict with policies in the new East Herts District Plan

By gathering local opinions about planning and development, the plan identifies areas considered appropriate for development and what should be protected.  The plan identifies business, social or leisure needs and opportunities.

Questions about environmental issues

What does the 'Environment' theme cover?

This theme covers areas such as protecting important green spaces, wildlife habitats and protecting strategic views.

Questions about community issues

What does the 'Community' theme cover?

The Community theme is all about ensuring that the social infrastructure meets the needs of residents of all ages.

Questions about infrastructure issues

What does the 'Infrastructure' theme cover?

This theme looks at how to allow housing growth in a sensitive way, ensuring mixed development and influencing design and character.

Questions about economic issues

What does the 'Economy' theme cover?

This is about supporting and encouraging the local economy and identifying opportunities for growth.


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