Section 106

Suggestions for community and social infrastructure

Improving the infrastructure...

Following extensive consultations at events over the previous eighteen months, a ‘wish list’ showing the suggestions of residents for improvements to community and social infrastructure was compiled.

These could be arranged in three ways:

redPlanning Process Issues

The Neighbourhood Plan does not address issues like those shown below but they ARE considered as part of the planning process by the Council departments responsible.

  • School Places
  • Highway Issues
  • Utilities
  • Transport Services
  • Street Lighting

amberCommercial Considerations

These suggestions from previous surveys show things that would be ‘nice to have’, but there are commercial considerations that the Neighbourhood Plan is unlikely to influence.

  • Doctor’s Surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Shop
  • Improved Broadband
  • Mobile Signal Strength

greenWhat YOU CAN influence…

Left with a list of things that the plan CAN influence by working closely with the developers, visitors were asked to indicate the suggestions that they felt represented the best value for money and usefulness to residents.

The results are shown below:


We also asked for other ideas. Many of the suggestions also fall under the planning process or have commercial considerations outside the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan but we encourage you to submit ANY ideas for consideration so that results can be passed on to the appropriate channels.

  • Use of Haileybury swimming pool (6 mentions)
  • Skate/Scooter park (3 mentions)
  • More community events on the village green (2 mentions)
  • Power points on village green
  • Drop kerb access to village green
  • Crazy golf course
  • Fix the potholes on Downfield
  • Activity area for teenagers
  • Cycle path to Hertford, Ware and Hoddesdon
  • New road to link any new development to ease traffic congestion
  • New Petanque pitch on village green or replace with long jump sand pit

You can continue to vote for the suggestions above by voting or send other suggestions using the form on this page.

Why are we asking?

Under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act, contributions can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure, the need for which has arisen as a result of a new development taking place.

This funding is commonly known as 'Section 106'. If you were not able to add your views and suggestions at the Fayre, you are invited to vote for the suggestions made there or submit other ideas by completing the form.

Cast your vote based on the suggestions made at the Summer Fayre

...or provide further suggestions using the form below.


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