What is the plan?

  • ermineBy gathering local opinions about planning and development, the plan identifies areas considered appropriate for development and what should be protected.
  • The plan identifies business, social or leisure needs and opportunities.

Why do it?

  • By informing developers in advance of the expectations of the village, the plan ensures that any development restrictions are adhered to.
  • The plan will encourage developers to engage with the local community.

Who is involved?

  • By working with volunteers from the community, ideally representing the interested parties, the plan will cover all aspects of local life.
  • A specialist consultant will ensure that we comply with the legislation.

How will it be created?

  • By gathering views from residents, businesses, community groups, schools, land owners and developers, the plan will classify the issues and ensure concerns and desires are addressed.
  • A draft plan will be produced for consultation.  Once finished the plan will be submitted to East Herts District Council.  The plan will be examined by an independent examiner.

Who agrees the plan?

  • For the plan to be adopted, a referendum will be held.  If you are registered to vote in the area then you’ll have the opportunity to vote in the referendum.  More than 50% of those voting must agree to the plan for it to be adopted.

When has it to be done by?

  • We are working towards the adoption of the plan by Autumn 2019.

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Your village – your opinions…

For the final plan to be accepted, it’s important to show that everyone in Hertford Heath has been given a chance to have their say.

Hertford Heath is home to a lot of talented people with an amazing array of skills and experience. Their knowledge and commitment will ensure the success of the plan. Many residents have enthusiastically taken up the challenge but it’s never too late to get involved. Whether it’s communicating ideas, conducting surveys, collecting evidence, or writing/delivering leaflets, your help is vital and will be welcome.

As we move towards the final stages of preparing the plan, you still have a chance to ask any questions or state your opinions.  Please use the CONTACT FORM on this site.


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